Samsung launched brand's first foldable Phone - Samsung Galaxy X
Samsung Galaxy X

Samsung launched brand’s first foldable Phone – Samsung Galaxy X

Samsung Developer Conference 2018: Here’s everything you need to know about Samsung’s foldable smartphone.


We could have just gotten our first real look at the Samsung Galaxy X – or Samsung Galaxy F as it might be called – as the Samsung Developer Conference kicks off today (November 7). The company had already confirmed that it would show off parts of the phone’s interface at the show.
Samsung launched brand’s first foldable Phone – Samsung Galaxy X

In the conference

Samsung, the world’s largest-smartphone maker, will likely announce a foldable phone at the company’s developer conference later today. Likely to be called the Galaxy F, Samsung will show off the foldable phone to the press and developers for the first time ever. The keynote kicks off at 11:30pm IST and will be livestreamed on Samsung’s official YouTube channel. The conference runs November 7 and November 8 in San Francisco.

The South Korean giant has been teasing about a foldable phone for a while now. Just a day back, Samsung took to Facebook to post an image of a folding Samsung logo, which clearly hints at the unveiling of a bendable smartphone. This is not the first hint from Samsung about a possible sneak peek at the upcoming foldable phone, though. The event invites posted on Twitter already gives a clear hint at a foldable smartphone. The tagline ‘Where Now Meets the Next’ seems to indicate that Samsung will tease something big tomorrow. In September, Samsung’s mobile chief DJ Koh hinted that a foldable phone will be announced at its developer conference in November.

Samsung Galaxy X: 8 years in the making

The idea of a foldable phone isn’t new to Samsung, in fact way back in 2011 the company showed off a prototype of exactly that.

The device looked chunky and awkward, but even back then it somewhat worked, remaining intact after 100,000 folds, with only a 6% drop in brightness at the center, where all the folding action happened.

This clearly wasn’t a commercial product, but later that year Samsung launched a concept video (see it below) of a fully bendable (and transparent) mobile device.
Samsung launched brand’s first foldable Phone – Samsung Galaxy X


While Samsung did discuss the display at the Samsung Developer Conference, it did not go into the specs under the hood. To date, there’s only one rumor about specs for the upcoming Samsung foldable phone. The prolific (and usually accurate) Samsung leaker Ice Universe said the upcoming phone will feature a 7nm processor.

In addition to the 7nm processor, the foldable phone may be a gaming phone. Earlier this year, a tweet from @MMDDJ_ said the phone would be gaming focused and not be called the Galaxy X, Granted there’s a lot of questions surrounding the accuracy of the leak since the leaker doesn’t have an excellent track record, and other, more recent, rumors have no mention of gaming and refer to it as the Galaxy X.

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