how to concentrate on studies
How to focus on study



Hello friends in this post you can score excellent marks by keeping some tips in your mind while studying.”HOW TO CONCENTRATE ON STUDIES”

Completely Clear Your Mind

When you’re thinking of other things while trying to learn a topic, you won’t be able to focus fully. This affects your ability to learn effectively, therefore, it is important to have a clear mind when you sit down to study.

Be prepared

All successful leaders are great planners; they make lists for every major and minor objective. When a task comes your way, spend some time thinking about how you will accomplish it. Write down every step necessary from start to finish, with a timeline (even if it’s a rough one). There is a saying that every 10 minutes you spend on planning saves an hour in execution.

Give yourself a break

One of the keys to doing great work is to know when to take a break. When you start to feel distracted, take a break, and then reassess and refocus yourself. It doesn’t just act as a reward–a short break can help your mind become clearer.

Stop Multi-tasking

Multi-tasking is never a good idea when attempting to study. Playing with other things or texting while studying steals your full focus. These assignments take longer to complete and don’t have the quality that your projects do when you’ve devoted full attention. Make your learning goals simple, clear and precise rather than attempting to accomplish multiple goals at once.

Minimize Distractions

Before you begin to study you should attempt to eliminate as many distractions as possible. These can include your phone, Facebook, emails, television, etc. The aim is to avoid having these things absorbing your attention while you’re trying to learn. By making your study area distraction free and quiet, you are enhancing your ability to increase your study focus and concentration.

Concentration Techniques


1) Counting

  • Count backwards from 100 to 1 in your mind. You can increase this to 500 or even 1000.
  • When you have mastered the first technique you can make it more challenging by doing the same again only, this time, skip every fourth number.
  • Begin by getting a book. This can be any book you like, it does not have to be any book in particular. For example, a novel or textbook would be suitable. Begin by choosing a paragraph and then count the number of words in that paragraph. Then count the words in the paragraph to ensure you have counted them correctly. You can do this a few times before moving on to the next paragraph. When you find this too easy move on to counting the words on the entire page, or even 2 pages. You must do the counting without pointing your finger at each word ie mentally, only using your eyes.”HOW TO CONCENTRATE ON STUDIES”

2) Drawing & COLORING

They might sound like activities for children, but research has shown that coloring is almost as effective as meditation in improving concentration. This seems to growing in popularity as several of Amazon’s best sellers are adult coloring books.

Other creative activities such as sketching, painting, or creating pottery, are also great for improving your levels of concentration.”HOW TO CONCENTRATE ON STUDIES”

3) Eye to Eye

This exercise is a little different. Stand in front of a mirror and make two marks, level with your eyes, that represent a person looking back at you. Try to maintain focus by staring at these marks without blinking or moving your head. Also, empty your mind of thoughts and try to hold complete focus on the ‘eyes’ looking back at you.

Breathe deeply and keep your concentration. It will break easily at first, but after some practice you will be able to do this with full concentration for minutes at a time.”HOW TO CONCENTRATE ON STUDIES”

4) Being Present

This technique involves a physical object such as a piece of fruit or furniture. For example, you could choose to use an apple or a chair. It involves taking note of its characteristics and texture.

If you decide to use a piece of fruit you can hold it in your hand while examining it. As you examine it, keep your full attention on it, examining its shape, smell, feel and taste.

The goal here is to avoid your attention being taken away by other irrelevant thoughts and straying away from what you are trying to give your full attention too.”HOW TO CONCENTRATE ON STUDIES”


Another useful technique which is quite similar to that of the above is to visualize the piece of fruit rather than physically holding the fruit in our hand.

Begin by holding the actual fruit in your hand for a few minutes and observing its shape, feel, smell etc just like you did in the previous technique.

To make this exercise more challenging, close your eyes and try to imagine the taste, smell etc. Do this by trying to create a clear image in your head of the fruit.

If the image becomes blurred or you find it too difficult to create the image in your mind just open your eyes again. For a few minutes, examine the piece of fruit and then try it again.”HOW TO CONCENTRATE ON STUDIES”

6) Stillness

This technique involves finding a chair, preferably one that you find comfortable. You begin by sitting on the chair and trying to remain completely still. It may sound easier but it actually can be quite difficult.

The technique essentially involves you focusing your attention on remaining completely still and ensuring that you are not making any involuntary muscular movements.

With this exercise, it is best to start off with a target of 5 minutes and gradually increase the time to 15 minutes. This is a great way to relax the entire body.”HOW TO CONCENTRATE ON STUDIES”

7) Complete Relaxation

This exercise will allow you to fully relax, starting from within, and moving outwards. Lie down somewhere you will be comfortable and will find it easy to relax. Now focus on your heartbeat only, listening to it beating. Start to visualize your heart pumping the blood to all areas of your body. Imagine the blood entering your heart, moving through the chambers, before exiting to move around the entire body.

With practice you will begin to feel the blood moving in the areas you are focusing on.”HOW TO CONCENTRATE ON STUDIES”

8) Inspiring Mantra

Another method for improving concentration involves finding a quiet area and then choosing an inspiring word or phrase and repeating it silently in your mind for a few minutes.

You can set yourself targets of five minutes, to begin with. As it gets easier try increase your target. The aim is to achieve a solid block of uninterrupted concentration.”HOW TO CONCENTRATE ON STUDIES”

9) The Shape Method

Draw a small triangle, square, or a circle on a piece of paper. This can be about three inches in size, and then color it any color you desire.

Place this paper with the drawing in front of you, and concentrate your whole attention on the shape you have drawn without any distracting thoughts.

If this becomes less challenging for you, you can make it more difficult by closing your eyes and trying to visualize what you have drawn on the piece of paper. Again if you cannot see it clearly or it becomes blurry just open your eyes and concentrate on the image for a few minutes before trying again.”HOW TO CONCENTRATE ON STUDIES”

10) Still Waters

Take a glass and fill it with water. Then hold the glass out in front of you. Focus your eyes and attention on the glass while keeping your arm steady. Try to keep your arms so steady so that no movement becomes noticeable.

You can try this for one minute on each arm and gradually increase the time as you improve.”HOW TO CONCENTRATE ON STUDIES”


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